Another month has come and gone by and I only managed to read 2 books in the month of September but BUT I am happy with the books that I read because one of the two books I’ve had on my shelf waiting for me to read, a year. Yes, a year ladies and gentlemen a freaking year! But I finally got to read it and Im excited to read the next one, hopefully doesn’t take me more than a year to read.

The first book that I read in the month of September was Harry Potter and The Cursed Child by  John Tiffany and Jack Thorne which was obviously inspired by J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series. NOW, I am a huge Harry Potter fan and as a fan I would have to say that this book was unnecessary and it is in my most honest unpopular opinion that this book should not be called the 8th book the series.

With that said I did like a few things about this book. I liked seeing the dynamic trio together back at it again. I also LOVED Scorpius Malfoy. I can’t begin to explain my love for him. I also enjoyed the humor that the book managed. The jokes that the characters made felt really true to their characters and there were times where I did laugh out loud ESPECIALLY at one plot line but that’s for another point to discuss. But I think the thing that I loved most about the book was the story started at the epilogue of Deathly Hallows. I didn’t even think this was a possibility, but I think it was the perfect way to combine the two stories into one another.

Now on to the things that I disliked and this are a few so bear with me.

Sometimes the relationship with our previous main characters such as Ron and Hermione for example felt off to me. Don’t get me wrong we still got their sense of humor and their wittiness but relationship wise it felt off and it disappointed me. Also, Harry in this book was just so out of character. I just couldn’t believe that this was the Harry that I grew up reading about and this is how he is now with his own children. Talking about relationships, I really disliked how Albus treated his father, Harry. Granted, Albus was terrible to Harry from the very beginning which may have played a huge part as to why Harry was so out of character but come on they were both acting like children and it bothered me so much. LIKE AS IF HARRY WAS NEVER A TEENAGER AND ALBUS GIVE YOUR FATHER A BREAK ALREADY. It was really frustrating.

But apart from all of this my biggest problem was the HUGE reveal on the plotline. I can’t even say what it is because it will spoil the book but oh my god it’s ridiculous! I just can’t wrap my head around to thinking WHEN did all of this happen or even took place while everything was happening in Deathly Hollows. It just doesn’t make sense at all so I refused to believe it haha.

AND to wrap things up about this book…

I FELT like I was reading fan fiction. Not that fan fiction is bad but this was ridiculous, hence why I can’t consider it the 8th book in the series.  I enjoyed it for the most part but read it if you want to just have a fun or don’t really don’t mind ridiculous and inconsistencies with a plot. Im sure the play will do better in portraying this story than just reading the script just for the plain fact that they are two different mediums.


AND WOW that was a lot to handle Im sorry.
I got carried away talking about this book. 

Let’s continue with my September Wrap-Up.
The next book I read was Queen of Shadows by Sarah J. Maas which is the 4th book in her Throne of Glass series AND it only took me 3 months to finish it…well over a year because I’ve had this book on my shelf for more than a year. I know I’m insane and a very insensitive person.

I already have a written review about this book but in general I liked it. I had a hard time reading the first part because previous characters felt foreign to me even their interactions but as I read a long the story just kept getting better and better and new characters were introduced and old ones were given a bigger part in the story so over all I was happy with the outcome. Though I do have to say that I had a breakdown over something that I can’t say but I cried. My boyfriend can testify to this because I was on the phone with him while finishing this book up.

RATING: ★★★★

AND those are all the books that I read in the month of September. I am so sorry this is so long and if you made it this far.

Let me know if you have read any of the books mentioned above and what are your thoughts!

I hope you all have a good reading month in October!


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