So  a few days ago I decided to clean up my bookshelf cause well you know dust accumulates and I don’t want my babies to be dirty and collecting that dust SO while doing that I thought “Hmm wouldn’t it be great to reorganize my bookshelf and film it? I mean I’ve been trying to do that for a while now so why not”. I should’ve thought about it twice cause the minute I got ALL of my books out of my bookshelf I immediately regretted it haha. I have about 200 books. 200 BOOKS! Thats a lot of books.

But in the end I indeed filmed it and did move a few books around different so  here is the final product. ENJOY!


2 thoughts on “BOOKSHELF REORGANIZATION | 2016

  1. malsofkle says:

    reorganizing my bookshelves is the bane of my existence.. i love planning it but then, half way through i give up and just place them haphazardly on the shelves… I salute you, good job !


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