I had wanted to get a bookshelf since I started collecting books and that was back in the summer of 2014. I had researched in every store for their selection of bookshelves but not one of them catched my eye or just wasn’t the “right” one. I was also afraid that if I got one from a specific store that with time they will start to bend due to the quality of the bookshelf. I follow a friend’s business on Instagram and she works with designers, she is architecture and so I messaged her if they did bookshelves and her reply was “YES!” and this was the start of something new.

We got in contact and we set up a meeting for her to come and take measurements of my room to see where it would be fit to have my shelf. She is a friend I’ve known since middle school I guess you could say and we just got back in contact so after she measure my room and had a few days to come up with a few designs we met up again and agreed on one designed BUT then we set up another meeting due to the fact that there were some measurements that needed to be done and long story short they had to redesign everything. They even measured my books!

At the end of everything I picked a designed that worked best for the space and loved. My bookshelf consists of one shelf and two separate floating shelves’ coming out of it, if that makes sense. On one of the floating shelf’s it has my initials “I and M” as bookends and on the other shelf it has cubes. Each shelf on my bookshelf fits according to my books measurements so it all worked out best. Also, the floating bookshelf closest to my bed has a LED light just so that I can read at night so that was pretty cool that they thought of that when they designed it.

Im in love with my bookshelf cause I picked up the designed and no one else has this. Its literally all me.

I made a bookshelf overview on my channel so now you get to look at my bookshelf in all its glory! I’ll soon have bookshelf tour when I have time to edit and film all of that.

If you have made it this far, thank you for reading this I just wanted to share something.


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