A have uploaded two videos and in those two videos I have discussed that I won’t finish the Shatter Me series by Tahereh Mafi. I have read her first two books, Shatter Me and Unravel me, I have also read her two novellas, Destroy Me and Fracture Me but I won’t read Ignite Me. Why? Well let me tell you that after reading Fracture Me I was pissed.



These are just my personal opinions and thoughts about the books/series. If you love the series and love Warner, GREAT! I just don’t.

I am one of those people or one in a million that actually fell in love with Adam Kent and Im pretty sure that everyone fell in love in with Warner after reading Destroy Me and for me that wasn’t the case. I felt like Destroy Me was done so that I would feel bad for Warner and to make him a victim so that the things that he had done were justified. First and foremost, No.  Literally all I could think of after reading was “Murder is still murder” YOU CANT JUSTIFY EVERYTHING BECAUSE YOU WERE TREATED BADLY. There are two ways to cope with this, you have choices and he made those choices how are those choices justifiable? oh because you were a victim in all of this right. kfajdsklfa

Back to Fracture Me.

This novella was 40% Adam and 60% someone else. I understand that everything he’s been through has definitely “toughed his personality” and that he’s going through a hard time. It must be exhausting to keep fighting for love, for family, and for peace all at the same time.

But Adam deserved to be developed in a believable way not in a way that made Warner look like the good guy.

The first thing that bothered me about Fracture me was the way that Adam regarded Juliette was so off. In the last two books he always believed in the goodness of her powers and fought for her (there are even many quotes about this in the books), while here in Fracture Me he kept treating her like a fragile vase ready to break any second. Also, how he just gave up on her?

What happened to

  • “It’s been me & you against the world forever”,
  • “I’d follow you anywhere, you’re the only good thing left in this world”
  • “You’re the only one I’ve ever wanted and that’s never going to change”

I get that Juliette hurt him, but he flipped 180 degrees.

The second thing is that I thought that in Fracture Me we’d get to know Adam. His past, his parents, his thoughts, what he likes..something about him. The whole novella was his pov about a war.

Warner is an a+ complex character I am not going to deny that and a wonderfully complex villain character but like I know he had a crappy childhood and whatever but you can’t use that as an excuse for how he’s handled situations and things.


BUT the other thing about Fracture me that made me angrier was  the tag line “I will not lose her.” or the commentary was “In Fracture Me, Adam, Juliette’s first love, will do anything to get her back.” and none of that happened?!

and that is why I won’t read/finish the series.

Rant Over.



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