Before We Were Strangers by Renée Carlino | Book Review

I have a book review for this book on my book channel, which I will link down below:


I really liked this book over all. I rated it 5 stars mostly because I think it was what I needed and everything was perfect. I loved the story and its characters but most of all I loved the setting that we got. I have read a Renée Carlino book before and that was Sweet Thing. I didn’t really love it as much as I love this book. This book could be predictable but none the less I didn’t really care because i enjoyed the characters and the story. I loved how we got Matt’s point of view a lot more than Grace’s, mostly because Matt seemed to be a lot more complicated and was the most fucked over with in the book. I loved Grace’s free spirit in this book, especially when we get to know her back in College. She is very multidimensional and I loved that about her.

Have you read any of Renée Carlino’s books before? If you have, tell me down below which one I should dive into next!


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