Book Review: The Shock of the Fall by Nathan Filer



 The Shock of the Fall
Author: Nathan Filer
Genre: YA, Contemporary
Publisher: Harper Collins
Publication Date: May 9th 2013
Hardcover: 310 pages
Rating: 4 stars

Blurb: While on vacation with their parents, Matthew Homes and his older brother sneak out in the middle of the night. Only Matthew comes home safely. Ten years later, Matthew tells us, he has found a way to bring his brother back…



I’ve had been wanting to read this book for such a long time and I finally did. The only thing I knew about this book was that it had to do with mental illness. I’m an advocate for this issue and I was so excited to finally dive into this and boy was I not disappointed.

The book starts off really slow and the plot starts unweaving as you go along. I loved the way the plot was developed because it had consistency and story and it made a lot of sense with the past because it wen’t back and forth which was important to the present. The narrator starts to lose himself and it examines the aspect of mental illness as well as the effect of grief on a family. The story has a non- linear format and it works well, it was confusing at times but totally intentional. It definitely played the part where it showed that having some sort of mental illness doesn’t mean you are crazy.

When it comes to the writing, it was beautiful.  You could tell the author really got into the head of his character, and the writing felt natural. I also liked the inclusion of drawings throughout, and the added switch of font, it really breathed life into the novel and made it feel like you were actually there when Matt was writing it.

I wasn’t that much connected with Matt but as a whole I was connected with his story and the people that surrounded him. I think this is a unique book. I can’t say if it represented mental illness in the most truthful way, as I’ve never experienced the type of mental illness expressed in this, the author was a mental health nurse, so he has good eye for that. I think this book felt very real, and I liked that a lot, and I will definitely recommend this to people.


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